Not your everyday run of the mill headache

Not your everyday run of the mill headache

My headache started, yes, I said headache only one. I have had the same one for nineteen years. It has not stopped, it has lessened at times but it is a constant one. It is difficult to remember a day when I did not have a headache and neither does my son for he was seven years old when I got my headache and he is now twenty-six.

I know how it started but cannot make it go away and neither can any of the numerous doctors I have seen. I did a drug study for the local University to check your CO2 absorption while on IV phentynol or morphine. I had to breath my own CO2 for five minutes every hour for an eight hour period. Something in that study clicked in my brain and gave me a headache. I know it was not the drugs for I have had both previously in surgeries and there were no side effects. I had a friend that did the same study and had a headache for a couple of days then it went away and I thought mine would too but it didn't.

So, nineteen years and several hundreds of dollars and various treatments and medications later, I still have my headache. With no end in sight. The latest diagnosis is Daily chronic headache with migraine tendencies.

I will have to live with this for the rest of my life. My insurance will not pay for another Botox injection but that doesn't matter for the others didn't work and I do not think another would either. My headache is tricky for it moves around my head but is mainly upfront. Sometime I wear it like a cap or down one side or behind an eye. I am so jealous of anyone that gets relief for an hour. Sure, I have learned to push it to the back of my head (forgive the pun) and go on and it looks as if I do not have a headache but I do. It doesn't do any good to complain. I just deal with it. Even on the bad days.

Thanks for lending an ear.
Christy Bell

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