November 2009

My story starts back in November of 2009. I vaguely remember that day. All I remember is wanting to sleep in every class cause my head hurt so bad not know that this headache was going to last with me until this very moment as I type up this story. My headaches range from the severity scale from 5 being the lowest pain to a 9 to 10 to be to worst in my episodes.

I remember the days when I was normal and didn't have headaches. I sometimes cry when I think about it cause I want to be normal again. Its everyone's wish with chronic migraine to get that back. I have been through 9 neurologist's that all come up with the conclusion "We don't know what is wrong with you?" One neurologist helped me so far as properly diagnosing me with a rare diagnoses. I did have at some point and may come at some point in my life again Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension. I had another neurologist diagnose me with Fibromyalgia of the brain. All of which I heavily researched online and read in books about.

I have taken several upon several tests for everything and everything comes back normal except a few things. One doctor said upon reading my MRI results my veins in my frontal lobes were very tiny than they should be. I was born with very tiny blood vessels and its very extremely difficult to retrieve blood samples from me. Plus he said my pituitary glad was out of the smaller size than it should be. I also was separately diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, GERD, IBS, and other smaller disorders and diseases.

I have been fighting for answers with my mom. My mom has been through this battle with me. I have no words to put on how grateful and thankful I am to have her in my life. I don't live a normal 22 year old life. Its very restricted. I don't party. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. lol. My version of partying is staying up all night on the internet eating and drinking whatever.

I have to take breaks when doing my daily activities of living. I have a hard time going to sleep and hard time waking up. When I wake up I feel like death. It hurts to do even the simplest things like the dishes or sweeping. The pain is too much at times I have to go take a nap to relieve the pain. I can't take over the counter pain medications for it or I can over time kill myself with other bigger medical issues. But I have looked to being positive and staying strong. I know their is a cure out their someday for this wretched and horrid disease. I know someday we will conquer it.

As a band I fell in love with a year ago preaches "Never Give In, Never Back Down, Never Give In, Never Back Down, When Your Life Feels Lost?(Fight Against All Odds!) Never Give In, Never Back Down."-Black Veil Brides @OfficialBVB

Someday we will see and FEEL a world with no pain and suffering and that day will be beautiful.
Thank you for reading my little story. It means a lot. Nest of wishes. Always remember to "Never Give In, Never Back Down."

-Mariah Hanna @PotatoBVBQueen

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