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21 years of misery! 21 years! Then a month ago I got tired of it and decided to quit. I stopped taking all the triptans and fioricet. Started avoiding every single food trigger on the lists. I am not 100% better, but I am improved. A lot. I got tired of begging the doctor for triptans to make it through the month. I quit cold turkey one month ago. Ignorant neurologists handing out drugs like candy. It made me worse and worse, year after year. I saw my daughter going down the same path and thought "this has to stop." Apparently rebound was killing me. I don't have daily headaches and I don't have crippling migraines that last six days. And I don't have a snotty doctor looking at me like I am a hypochondriac. I ordered Heal Your Headache off of amazon and it described my entire wrecked life. Buy the book and take the next step. If it can help me, it can help anyone because I was at rock bottom. It is helping my daughter, too. Please just try it. I know you have tried everything else. It is so hard not to reach for the Triptan, but it has been worth it. Maybe I can have a life again. How amazing would that be? It is my last hope so...Fingers crossed. :)

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