Migraine Free Until My 30s - Now Chronic

I was never a "headache" person until I hit 31. I was on my 2nd day of Seasonique birth control when I had my first migraine, though that may have just been a coincidence. I quit it shortly thereafter but the migraines have persisted. At first they were just menstrual migraines but now they happen during other times of the month too...especially during thunderstorms or after a good cry. Counting the mild & moderate ones, I'm in pain 10-15 days most months.

My migraines are the typical one-sided dull, throbbing type that come with light, sound & smell sensitivity. No nausea or vomiting, thank god. But I've definitely lost a few IQ points since developing this disorder. They make finding words difficult & I sometimes even stutter. Before some migraine episodes I get an odd manic energy that lets me know one is on the way.

I take Topiramate & Fioricet as prescribed as well as supplemental CBD. The latter has really reduced the frequency, but CBD isolate is expensive so I can't take it as consistently as I'd like. I don't currently have health insurance & get my Topamax through a free psychiatric clinic.

I find it bizarre & disturbing that a chronic migraine disorder can just...*develop* in mid-adulthood for no real reason. I suspect that one day we'll know more about the underlying pathology, but for now it's just "here, take these pills & try to push through."

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