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Nurses You Thought Were on Your Side

I live in a very small town. We have around a 1,000 people. So basically, everyone knows everybody's business. I have daily chronic migraines and headaches. The pain level is usually around a 9 or 9.5. My PCP and I have a treatment plan. I can have two treatments a week. I can get a morphine, phenergan, and Ativan injections,or an IV with Benadryl, lidocaine, and Phenergan. I'm an incredibly hard IV stick, but I sit still and never complain when some nurses have stuck me double digit times. I really love my nurses. But there is one who always tries to make me talk to her, tries to make me tell her stories, and tries to make me laugh. And then she turns around and calls my PCP behind my back and tells him there is no way I can possibly feel as bad as I say I do. Because she's had a few migraines and she can't do any of the things I can do. So I must be faking. Thankfully my doctor knows this is a lie. I have to deal with this pain every day and have dealt with it for around 13 yrs straight now. If I didn't cope, I would most likely have killed myself a long time ago. It's even worse, because she acts so sweet and caring and then turns around and tells lies behind my back. I usually can't talk or do much of anything with the bad migraines. My sister has to do most of the talking and decision making because I'm puking the whole time. All the other nurses go out of their way to help me. I love them, so it feels even worse when this one nurse, and it is always the same nurse who lies, that makes the betrayal seem so much worse. I was curious if this happens to any other migraine sufferers. I'm lucky that my doc knows that this nurse pulls this crap on other patients besides me. It makes it incredibly hard to trust nurses who appear to be sweet and caring who then turn around and try to screw you. Like people with chronic migraines really need something else to make us feel even worse. Sorry, I needed to vent a little.

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