Occipital Nerve Injections

A migraine sufferer since my divorce over 30 yrs ago I believe stress induced. I have Gastric (indigestion problems) too, where I do not absorb certain vits and nutrients and am in process of sorting that out. Have been given an 8 wk course of Omperazole. I have always believed my migraines were connected with my indigestion problems via stress/emotions. Now I know to eat little and often and chew food extremely well. I am always last to finish my meal.

Somebody mentioned they were going to try Occipital nerve injections. I have had them done twice now on the NHS and after about three weeks they seem to have kicked in and I have found them very helpful. My migraines are mostly less frequent and severe. I was in bed for around 3/4 days each time I got one. Now if I'm lucky can go to bed and shrug off after a few hours sleep or just in bed for one night. I have been diagnosed with FM, under active thyroid, I have aches and pains all over my body, mostly muscular. My headaches start with shoulders, neck muscle spasms and then a violent migraine follows. I have a brilliant friend who is a physio and she presses on 20 pressure points around the occipital nerve area of my scalp, very hard to the count of 10 on each point I have 200 presses, the pain is quite bad and makes my eyes water but I do believe it really helps release stress in the muscles of my scalp. My scalp is so sore sometimes, I cannot comb my hair and have to cancel the hairdresser often. If you haven't tried occipital nerve, shoulder and neck injections, I would certainly give it a go, you have nothing to lose. You have to be referred by your GP ....To a pain clinic at a hospital where these injections are carried out. They are done in there with a little sedation. Pills do not work for me at all,as my stomach doesn't absorb them, hence this was my last hope. I don't fancy Botox (YET!!!!!!) good luck.

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