Ocular migraines

I suffered my first migraine, actually my first headache of any kind, at the age of 54 while sitting reading a book.

All of a sudden the words on the page became blurry and then jagged lights appeared at the corner of one eye and over the next 10-15 minutes traversed across my eyes. I thought I was having a stroke. I was left with just a slight overall headache for an hour or so.

I am now 71 and since then, I have had ocular migraine attacks only yearly or semi-annually the first few years, then becoming monthly in recent years. They are very sporadic and I have not been able to determine any trigger. 

I rarely have a headache and the aura is always the same jagged lights with a 10 minute or so intensity.

Scary as they are, I am so happy not to have the horrible migraine headache pain that I read about on this forum!

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