Oh yes, you have Migraines.

Last updated: November 2013

I have been suffering from Migraines since I was 12.

Have been through many medical exams, and the final conclusion has always been: 'yes, you suffer from Migraines.' Very disheartening to see how little science has advanced in this regard, at least in this part of the globe. ( Uruguay ).

Particularly during the last year I have been consuming large amount of ergotamine, since I took the medication even before being sure a Migraine was coming. As you all probably know, ergots are problematic in the sense that after they wear out, a bounce back effect is produced, and then there's the need to take the drug again.

Anyway, I have always felt very alone regarding my condition, and coming across you guys is a game changer for me, having read others stories and having felt so identified with many of you.

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