Old Age Migraines or......They Are Back

I can remember having those first migraines in high school. They weren’t too terribly bothersome back then - I guess when we are young we handle pain better or perhaps it is just that I have forgotten. Mom took me to the doctor and he gave me some kind of “pill” that made me very loopy. I didn’t like the feeling at all so I ended up not taking them.

College seemed to increase the length of the migraines. I would call them my marathon headaches. I finally got some strong ibuprofen, professional strength, that would break the cycle. The only blessing back then was that I didn’t get them very frequently, but when I did they “took me out.” You would find me in bed, not out at the bars with the rest of the crowd.

Pregnancy was a killer - my first three months I definitely thought I would overdose on Tylenol. After I finished having my children they seemed to almost disappear.

BUT NOW! Somehow just before I turned 50 they returned with a vengeance. These headaches that I have now - sometimes more than 15 times a month and sometimes lasting a week or more - just take me off my feet.

Not only are they painful, but they interfere with my life. If I travel I get a headache, if I stay up too late to do things that other people do all the time like go out to a party or dinner I get a headache, if I don’t get enough sleep I get a headache, and on and on. I am on preventative meds, I have tried Botox, I have literally tried not eating everything..... No-one can give me any answers and I just live with what I live with.

I just wish there was a solution because I would be first in line :).

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