One med that's helped more than any other

I'm 60 and have had migraines since age 6, chronic since age 30. I've been through the gamut…hospitalized twice at Michigan Head-Pain and Neurological Institute, nerve blocks, diet changes, about 100 different drugs.

The one thing that has made the most difference is dextromethorphan. I didn't even realize that I had pain 24/7 until it was gone! Now I do have pain-free days.

This medicine is prescribed by my neurologist. It's found in children's cough syrup, but I have to take so much that it is compounded into capsules at a local apothecary. I take a low dose prophylactically (50 mg 3 times a day), and up to a total of 400 mg per day when I have pain. It helps the pain-relieving action of my Amerge.

It took me a couple months to get used to it. Most people get a little sleepy when they take it; I get jittery. But that has calmed down now. Also I can get a little upset stomach, and if I take a larger dose, I get spacey. But that's ok because at that point, I'm lying down anyway.

It is not addictive and has few side effects.

It's made a huge change in my life! So it's something you might want to talk to your doctor about.

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