Am I Only Burning

After an Emgality shot April 22 I’ve been experiencing severe burning 🥵 not at the injection site my entire back on fire. Moving to my head, down my arms and legs. So bad I can hear hissing in my ears. My doctor, it’s PTSD/anxiety. My labs show different. Reports are no side effects with Emgality. NOT TRUE a dangerous drug. I’ve been with this physician since my return from Afghanistan & diagnosed with a Meningioma.

Multiple shots of Botox

Gamma Knife used to treat. I developed migraines. Initially 32 shots of Botox monthly for years. The doctor recommended Emgality. I have yet to hear back from my doctor. Informed them of my issues. I did request his office to send me to do labs. PA c/back told me my labs were off. Sedate rate, Tsh, etc. Suggested I be tested for Monoclonal Gammopathy & Lupus. Not realizing My Hematologists has been checking me for years & results, negative. Emgality has Monoclonal Gamopathy antibodies in it! They are not telling patients. It’s going on June; I’m still in severe pain. Burning not able to sleep. I’m on Prednisone. A high dosage of 2x per day. Amitriptyline & Soma. I need to get this information out. Please help. I know this is long but I’m so tired of waking up at 3:00 AM due to severe burning then again at 5:00 AM.

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