They're Back!!!

I was spared the pain of migraines for a few years and while I wondered when they would come back I wonder no more!!. Everything is back, the sensitivity to smell, light and even movement and breathing would make me violently sick. Getting hot one minute and the chills the next...

The actual pain to the touch of my head is back too. I have read some posts and I thought I was a little crazy about that feeling but apparently I am not. The pain was sometimes so bad I couldn't touch it or lay down. I have noticed that now I am getting flashers a few days before and then my panic starts as to when the hammer, which literally feels like it to my head, will hit...the pain is soooo bad it actually wakes me up as I get most of them in the early hours of the morning.

Not fun...not fun at all. My husband was stunned one morning when. I just about got down a piece of toast and some tea only to jump up from the couch which in itself was painful and run to the bathroom to vomit up the little I had just had. I have to say the whole experience is sooo debilitating and the way I describe it to people who have thankfully never experienced's like getting hit by a truck and u get up...not the best feeling at all...good luck to us all.

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