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Migraines: Part of My Life Until the End

I’ve been having migraines since I was eight years old. Our local doctors have been no help and the nearest migraine specialist is about 75 miles away. Every doctor I went to refused to give me anything since I was not eighteen yet, I have gone back since I have turned eighteen and they still refuse to do anything. My mother died of a brain aneurysm when she was forty-five due to her chronic migraines. I have a headache at least once a week and a migraine at least once a month. I commonly find myself tired and forgetting things. By the end of the school day, I commonly find that I have a headache due to the never ending noise and bright lights. My headaches and migraines keep getting worse and there is little I can do. I have been dealing with this for ten years of my life and I am not even twenty yet. I feel as if I am stuck in a situation that I cannot escape. The doctors tell me that it is genetic and that there is very little I can do, just to plan not living a long life.

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  • lollypolly19781914
    8 months ago

    See if keeping away from wifi helps you as it did me!! I’ve suffered for almost all my life however I’ve found the main cause. Our body is not designed to be surrounded by ever increasing magnetic and electric radiation. Our body has a ‘natural’ current of between 7.8 to about 10 HERTZ. Our planet Earth has the exact frequency. It’s called, ‘Schumann resonance’. Radios operate on a higher frequeny in the Hertz (Hz) range. However humans have dabbled into how to use higher & higher frequency as weapons. They discovered they can use microwaves to cook when they first invented Radar. Anyhow it’s a long story thats taken me over a year to study and learn about. I used to work in the medical field. You may find lots of people have been misdiagnosed.  All the best.

  • mrst53
    8 months ago

    There is a drug call Firional/aspirin that does work on the migraines. Get another neurologist that is a headache specialist.

  • AZReynolds
    8 months ago

    My migraines started at 9 after a bad fall and head injury that temporarily lost my vision… and I am now 64, so I feel your pain, fears, and frustrations. Although I have migraine specialists nearby, there’s not too many meds that work without making me feel like I have the flu. After over 50 years of migraines mine escalated to daily chronic with syncope and now bad auras that wipe out the center of my vision with bright glass shards and distort what little peripheral vision that is still exposed on the outside edges. Now that my fainting is so sudden, I also fear that one day something more will happen or else I will hit my head bad enough to get another brain injury. But what can we do? We can only continue to search for answers, meds, and doctors. We can have a positive attitude and try to realize that it really can be worse. Think of all the others with Parkinson’s or ALS, or so many, many others. I have Fibromyalgia too and I am glad for the days I can get up to see the sun rise. We must make the most of what God gives us inspite of our pain! Hang in there and here’s praying you will find a good doctor! God bless you.

  • MahtaMouse
    8 months ago

    This makes me so angry!! And yes, I have heard of brain aneurysm due to chronic migraine and I feel for you. Nothing worse than dealing with an idiot doc.

    I currently take 2 different meds for prevention of migraine and Naproxen when I do get them (the only pain relief my doc will prescribe). Maybe you can get your doc to at least give you a prescription for Naproxen. Surely he can’t deny you that!

    In the meantime; out of desperation I finally tried acupuncture. The first round gave me 3 blessedly virtually pain free months. The second round gave me 4 months, and the 3rd round lasted 10 months. It may or may not work for you, but if the docs are ignoring you, it’s worth a try.

    Also get yourself a pair of sunglasses and lightly tinted glasses… fluorescent lights are the death for migraine sufferers… and be sure to wear them outside and tinted glasses inside.

    Good luck and God bless.

  • Holly Baddour moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi there- I’m so glad you shared some of your journey with us and that you are a part of our community. I’m sorry to hear how challenging things have been, not to mention scary, given your mother’s history. Having a brain aneurysm due to chronic migraine is not something I’ve heard of before, although some people have reported confusing the symptoms of migraine with those of aneurysms. Whatever the case, the disease is clearly impacting your life in a major way.

    I know you mentioned the closest migraine specialist is 75 miles away, but because of the way it is affecting you and the fact that your current doctors told you there is very little you can do, I might encourage you to take the trip to have a proper evaluation with a migraine specialist as they are the most well trained to navigate the complex neurological disease that is migraine. There actually have been some major strides in treatment of migraine recently. Although you don’t have chronic migraine (15 or more migraine attacks per month), it might be worth exploring the CGRP: and Gammacore: treatments with a migraine specialist. You might find that there are some things you can do to improve your quality of life.

    Please stay in touch with us about how you’re doing and also think about ways to take care of yourself emotionally because living with migraine disease can be isolating and tough:

    Thanks again for sharing with us. Thinking of you.

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