No one without them seems to get it....

I am 36, I have been having migirnes for about 2 years. The first year i spent the majority of my time in my bed feeling like I was going to die. I Thoguht my head was going to explode. I couldn't get a PCP to listen to me. The medications they were given me weren't working. I guess they are now, better but I am having issue getting people to understand and not say things that make me more upset than I am already.

Due to the fact that Triptans were not working on me initially, I was finnaly given a drug is used to love, OXCYCODONE.

The issue I need more and more to get the pain relief i once had. I as well feel like I am killing my liver. So as good as it was I am now going to have to have it upped without looking like a drug seeker. ugh

My current issue is people, today especially. I have all I can do somedays to move. I am in pain, or drugged, and lightheaded. I push though as I have a son and a life. TI minimal but it is a life. I have a women in my life right now telling me I have to push more to clean the yard, and to have a life. I am really upset she said it. Between the dizziness, nausea, pain, etc. I have all i can do to function at all, let alone focus on unimportnat things.

I used to enjoy trading on the computer, selling, playign cards. My brain is somehwat on hyitus so that has been taking away from me too. The good news is I have slown down and learned to be happy over little things. However now I really dislike other people more than I have ever had in my life.

People call my house and let it ring off the hook for no apparent reason. I have migraines, the phone hurts me. Hence i turn phone off. Then people btich I never answer my phone. I have two friends that stop by without notice. I HATE that. My dogs will then bark, it hurts. The nosie of them walking on my stairs, hurts. And no matter what i say they don't seem to get it.

I apologize as I am on meds and may be wording things incorrectly but really need to talk to others who go thorugh my stuff so that I get some relief form being mad at others stupuidity.

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