My Migraines

I have been suffering migraines since I started my period. I still remember my first one. I thought it was so cool that I saw this spinning ball going around my eye. I told my mom about it and she told me to get to sleep right away.

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I (Being a kid) didn't listen to her. I could not imagine that anyone could suffer through so much pain.

I have found that if I stress myself out too much or push myself too hard, I can get a migraine. The strength of that pain is determined by other factors. One is days around my period. Other triggers include chocolate and caffeine. I always feel like I am walking a tight rope to keep them at bay. This is even more apparent when I became a single parent. Kids don't stop for migraines. So, after battling them by myself for many years, I went into the doctor. He gave me pills that I can take but at $4 a pill, I try very hard not to take them unless absolutely necessary.

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