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Please, please read this book

I started having severe migraines about 8 years ago (age 50) and went through the process of medication (first to try to minimize the pain and then a daily prophylactic (pizotifen). Cutting out caffeine helped to some extent but I would have attacks every 3 or 4 weeks (2 or 3 in a row). Miserable, depressing, scared to exercise, scared not to, constant fear of that flickering of light (aura). Doctors gave little advice, however after a bad period one told me to give up oranges. He didn't know why. Everyone has their view as what foods not to eat but I've not met anyone who can explain why.
I have now been migraine free for 9 months! and have halved and will come off pizotifen next week.
This is all due to a brilliant book by David Duchholz called 'Heal your Headache'. Published in 2002 (needs an update) this book really dispels many myths and explains what you should avoid and why. I promise you that I am in no way connected to the author (living in Cornwall,UK) and am posting because this book has changed my life and hope fellow sufferers might benefit.

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