Please Understand.

"Just take an aspirin. We all get headaches"

If it was just that I wouldn't be rubbing my left temple like crazy as if to erase the pain. I wouldn't be squinting from the dimmest light.I wouldn't be throwing my guts up in the toilet..

It is the most difficult thing trying to get people to understand that this 'invisible' pain is a little more than irritating. The moment they find out that it's a migraine I get the "oh, a little over doing it, don't you think..?"

Apparently universities don't see this as a huge issue either. Since I actually have to attend lectures no matter how bad the attack is "take an aspirin. I have some if you want, I get them all the time"
No you don't. You really don't, cause if you did, you wouldn't be saying this to me right now. You'd be offering me an eye mask instead

It has become a robotic speech, my explanation that is.
"Its a little more than that. In fact it has other symptoms...And oh you must hear about this aura thing we get.. Oh no no no, I don't mean the zen type."

Please understand. When someone tells you that they're having a migraine attack, try to comfort them, take them to a dark place, oh the relief the darkness provides us with!!
And please don't underestimate the level of pain they are going through..cause that hurts us. A lot. Thinking that we are over doing our reaction and are just too spoiled to take the pain like other people. Truth is, we are not like other people.

Its a constant battle that we must fight. Its an on going roller coaster of pain and depression and struggle because of the setbacks this chronic nightmare brings upon us.
I for one have gotten used to excusing myself from lectures due to the awful nausea that comes hand in hand with this beast "i'll go throw up real quick and come back, wont take too long."

What we ask of you is no hard task. Just please understand.

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