Porta cath Success

My parents and I left around 5:30a.m today, heading out for the forty-five minute drive to the closest hospital that has a surgeon. Today was the day they put in the port. It was an interesting morning. It started out pretty normal, the nurse put compression "stockings" that went up to my mid-thighs, and then bright yellow sock/booties. She got my IV in my thumb on the first try, which is practically a miracle for me. Almost all of my veins are shot. As a last ditch effort, they generally have to put the IV in one of my feet. And I really hate people touching my feet, and it hurts way worse when put in a foot. The nurse put me on a small slow drip to make sure it would stay working. As far as she, and me know, it was working fine. Another nurse came to take me to the procedure room. Yet another nurse put these vibrating compression leggings on my lower legs. It was fairly relaxing. The Anesthesiologist put some medicine through the IV after everybody else finished what they were doing. It burned, but I just expect that. Then everyone was just staring at me for almost ten minutes. After this the Anesthesiologist asked if I was sleepy, or feeling relaxed. I was none of those things. I wasn’t tired, and I was definitely stressed. And after she put more medicine in the IV, we waited another five to seven minutes. I still wasn't sleepy. After that she put in a much larger dose of meds. Thankfully I started to get sleepy. Next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room. It hurt, the incision site what very sore, it hurts more now though. But I noticed that I still had my IV in the thumb, but there were cotton balls, and bandaids in five different places. The nurses wasn't sure what had happened. I guess that they needed to put in another IV somewhere. The spots are bruised, and painful now. Glad I slept through that part. I went up to the procedure with a screaming migraine, returned home with one, and I still have it. It has been quite a day. I'm very glad the port is in. I can use it in three days. Wish me luck.

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