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Migraine? Accept it and make your friend…. A positive attitude

Who is you Best friend?, if you would ask me few year back. I would have named, Mr John Right. But now a day Mr. Migraine. He is my friend. It is a long history about this friend. He catched me long back, almost 20 years a go when I was young. He continues to be a part of my life almost every day. When he triggers, I had severe unilateral headache, neck stiffness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and irritability. I tried to get rid of it through many ways like allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvadik and house hold remedies. I tried everybody's suggestion. I was so alert and accurate to avoid him ,but he was so strong in his power that he never got detached from me.

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One day I thought, why can not i look him for other side. I started look mr migraine from positive way. If he is not willing to leave me, why I should? I made up my mind to make him my friend . One good quality in Mr migraine is that when he comes, will inform me well in advance. I prepare my self so strong to receive him. Now I can tolerate him very well without affecting my routine work.

Now I accepted him from my heart that he never leaves me alone in a journey life. When he is not available, I compensate my work in advance. When he comes, I welcome him and give a time. Mostly avoid extra works and sit silently and cornered. Now life becomes simple. I enjoyed his presence. I stopped thinking and speaking and try to relax my self. I never give up my internal happiness and joy. I smile and forgive every buddy. Mr Migraine made me so stronger to phase any adverse situation. My pain threshold also increased almost doubled. I spending less time participating in small talk and more time in deep, meaningful conversations.

Thanks to my wife and colleagues, who support me from all the ways in this situation

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