Postdrome is a Downer

You know that scene in the movie - the heroine has finally limped her way to the front door. No sign of the monster chasing her. This is it! She's going to get away! And, just as she gets halfway out the door, the monster appears from the shadows to pull her back into the house. That monster is for me is depression and the door is the end of the active phase of my migraine.

Migraine causes fluctuations in serotonin, a neurotransmitter that correlates with depression. For me, the aftermath of the migraine can be worse than the crushing fatigue, nerve pain, sensory sensitivity and nausea. Maybe it's because I think I've made it out like that leading lady in a horror film. I think I can finally recover and go back to my life until that hope is snatched away.

Depression tells me I'm fat; I'm ugly; I'm not going anywhere with my life; I'm going to be alone forever; I'm weird; and today it told me that I have terrible taste in clothes (rude!). The more frequent the migraine attacks, the more the mood fluctuations. And, it's hard enough to stay positive with migraines as it is.

Aimovig is helping the frequency and duration of my migraines, but there's no cure yet. I just have to remind myself that depression is a liar and that just because I feel awful about everything, doesn't mean everything is awful. And, pizza. Pizza always helps.

Do you have depression with your postdrome?

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