Problems with doctors

About 5 months before moving to a new city, I made an appointment with the doctor that has the best reputation for helping women with headaches. Her resume was amazing, and the patient feedback was also very positive. So I move, start my new job, and two weeks before my appointment I get the call that my doctor has closed up shop and won't be seeing patients until the new year. Ugh! So I make the appointment but now I have to wait 5 more months until I can see her. I even get into another neurologist's office in the meantime because my headaches were so horrible. But when I tell him that I'm seeing this other neuro, he doesn't help me much at all except for refilling meds. That helped but I needed more, and my primary care physician could have done that.

When I finally get into see this neurologist that I've been waiting to see, I can't believe the wait times. I was told this might take 1 1/2 hours or so, so I allow 3 1/2 hours before I have to be back at work to teach a class. The appointment takes 5 1/2 hours before I get out, and I left my students without a teacher to tach my class. Great! She seems good and has recommendations for me, but I'm still annoyed with the long wait time to see her. They want to help me with occipital nerve blocks, but the nurse comes in to give my injections not wearing gloves! Are you kidding me?? I mean, okay, maybe you don't care about your own health with the risk of HIV/AIDS (which I know I don't have, but she doesn't know that), but I don't want what you might have. I don't care if you use alcohol or whatever to clean the injection site, but you're not injecting me without wearing gloves! She looked at me like a 10-headed sea dragon when I asked her to put gloves on. I'm still flabbergasted thinking about her reaction!

My second appointment was with the nurse practitioner, and things moved much more quickly. Apparently the nurse is easier to see, but there is something about her that I just don't like. She can't do much of anything without talking to the doctor first, so I felt like she had no power in the office. Then I go to see the doctor again two months later, and it take 6 hours to see her. There was a guy in the waiting area that talked so loudly on his phone that he gave me a headache. The receptionist would not help me tell the guy to shush it. I asked them if I could go somewhere quiet, but then I think they forgot about me. Everyone in the waiting room that came in after me had already been seen, and the staff is starting to close up shop even though I asked several times what is going on.

The doctor finally comes in and we talk about some different meds and Botox injections. It would take about two weeks to see if my insurance will allow it. It's now about a month after that appointment and my headaches have been brutal over the past 6 days. I call a few days ago and ask about the Botox and they dropped the ball with the pre certification. They also never called me back about any of my lab work. They call in a dose pack but they call it into a mail order pharmacy instead of a local one.

All of these screw ups make me want to go to a different doctor, but I've gone through so many neurologists, many of which say they could no longer help me. This one wants to help but sometimes I feel like they care less about their patients. Why can't doctors figure out that customer service is of utmost importance? This doctor certainly doesn't get it. I mean, I'm a teacher and I dont have all the time in the world to sit in your waiting room or to babysit you to make sure that what you tell me will be done actually gets done. It's been really frustrating and now I'm trying to figure out whether to stay or to go.

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