Prolonged Migraines With Aura but No Pain

Last updated: January 2022

I had my first migraine at 25. I’m now 37. I literally woke up and half my torso was numb. After a couple of months, it went away. Since then I have experienced lots of unusual auras. Each one lasting weeks/months. I’ve had half body numbness, paralysis in my left foot. Blind spots in vision.
Five years ago my vision was off and opticians sent to doctors. They thought I’d had a stroke. It was the scariest time of my life! After seeing several opthalmologists and having MRI scan, doctors were baffled and I was told they didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had to wait a while before seeing a neurologist who told me I was experiencing migraines.
I was doing really well until 6 weeks ago and my vision in the left eye has gone blurry and seeing flashing lights in the right eye. I went to opticians yesterday as I thought I better get it checked. She couldn’t see anything wrong but I’ve got to go to the eye hospital tomorrow. I’m so scared! I’m sure it is another migraine but it’s only a neurologist who understands. ? xxx

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