Pulsed Radio Frequency

After having spent 3 years going through all the meds Johns Hopkins had to offer, including Botox. My Dr. suggested I try Pulsed Radio Frequency treatments at their pain clinic.

I asked him what his experience with them was, and he told me he had sent hundreds of people with no complaints.

I decided to give it a try. All of my headaches are on the right side of my head and neck. I received my first treatment where they put needles in my neck in the greater and lesser occipital nerves about 3 years ago. I have had one total failure and the all had varying degrees of success. With that one exception all have improved my headaches. They have "raised the bar" where I get my headaches. For example, I used to have to wear sunglasses inside and out. Now I still need to wear them outside, but don't need the inside.

I am surprised they have never been mentioned on this site.

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