pure pain

I am a mother of four that in itself is enough to give any a headache. Mine never seemed to end.

I was 27 at the time the migraines started I had three boys at the time and was struggling to function . I set an appointment with my primary care physician who scheduled an MRI. The next day I went in for my MRI which looks very imposing the thought of is this an aneurysm had crossed my mind.I had to wait a week to have my results read by a neurologist who diagnosed my with having chronic daily migraines.

My doctor prescribed me some prescription strength ibuprofen which did absolutely nothing to ease the pain. My doctor then proceeded to prescribed an antidepressant which did nothing for the pain and made me feel like a zombie. My husband suggested that I try excedrin this is the only product that has ever gotten rid of the pain. So I feel like me and can be there for my family. I would recomend to anyone who suffers try excedrin

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