Keep Pushing Ahead

30 October

Have taken 3rd injection of Emgality. I am getting approximately 18 days of relief from the worse of the worse Migraines. “Spiking” is my name for them. The ones You feel like Your eye is being plucked out of Your Head. All at the same time that Molten HOT STEEL ROD is being beat through Your Head. Not to be forgotten the 8 dull point punches being hammered into Your Head. Weird Metal Taste. Any of that remind Anyone of Anything.

That other wonderful thing I’ve got DYSAUTONOMIA. This stuff will mess with every part of Your body. Blood Pressure has become a Major Thing. LOW Blood Pressure, with 2 Medications to raise it, Today’s high has been 96/ 52. 42/27 was the Low for today. I sound like I’m giving the weather report more than BP numbers.

Still Fighting it all, Too Hardheaded and Crazy not too. As for all of You My Family and Friends. Keep it up, Keep going, Keep Pushing Ahead, We are fighting a War that We will Win.


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