RA Leads to Help for Migraines

I am writing so that others may find some relief from Migraine Pain. While I have not been in any study, I have been treated for OA of the Spine, RA and Fibro that continues to worsen with age. I will only "get worse" as time goes on.

I've been wearing the Duragesic Patch for 12 yrs now. One benefit that I noticed the first year in; was that I no longer suffered from Migraine PAIN. I do however, get occasional occular migraines. Migraines have always ran in the women of my family. My G'mother, My Mother, My Self, My Daughter, all suffer from horrible migraines.

They last about three days and it comes with a stiff neck. Three days of debilitating horrible pain and nauseua, sensitivity to light, flashing auras, the whole kit and kaboodle.

So I share this with the community, that I've worn the Duragesic Patch for 12 yrs and no longer suffer from the Migraines. I do get the occular flashing Auras as well as facial pain in the bridge of my nose still, but found that Putting a Lidoderm Patch on my nasal cavities, helps tremedously when I start to feel pressure on on my sinus cavity area. I may look silly but these Lidoderm Patches, also work on my forehead pain behind my eyes. So, Dr's and Patients alike, please ask about these two medications. There are some that cannot tolerate Opiad Therapy, I am not one of them, and have no problems wearing the Lidoderm or the Duragesic Patches. Lidoderm is not covered by Medicare and were first made available for Burn Victims in Burn Wards. They have many uses, and if I wear one on my spine, it helps. I was in a hit and run, and that was when my diagnosis, and life took a turn for the worse. It's even harder to get around, and I'm only in my early 50s.

The Duragesic Patch, works, and I'm here to tell Drs, Patients and anyone who will listen, to do a study and see the results. I will gladly participate, and weigh in; on 12 yrs worth of history regarding my Migraines, and Pain levels. Weather for me is a huge factor, for the Arthritis as well as the Migraines. I'm so grateful that I no longer suffer in bed for three days with a stiff neck; and nausea.

I hope that my short story will help others, I do understand completely how they effect ones life and life style and how debilitating these migraines can be. So I guess I have to thank my diseases, RA and OA and Fibro; for visiting my body without my permission, lol, and leading me to discover these two patches and how they work on my Migraines.



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