Rambling a of a migraineur

Well, I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.....wait, that was Jim Morrison, not me.

I actually awoke after a good nights sleep with a stiff, achy neck and level 7 ringing in my left ear. Not unusual, and frequently part of prodrome. But I also had this feeling in my right ear like when my mother would put cotton in it when I was little with an earache; and a ringing different from the left ear. My right ear never rings. But I had not even a twinge in my head. So, I had 2 cups of coffee and homemade whole wheat bread toasted with homemade peach preserves...my usual. Took muscle relaxer for my neck with a glass of water and settled in to read a book about Ted Bundy, a serial killer in the late 70's. Couple more glasses of water and I decided to have a cup of hot tea as it was a mere 7 degrees outside. I was out of milk so I improvised with a dollop of whipped cream from a canister.

In about 30 minutes I was hit with a doozy of a migraine. Decided to read the ingredients on the whipped cream. It's made light and fluffy with nitrous oxide which is derived from ammonium nitrate. I can't eat bacon, hot dogs or lunch meat because of nitrates being a migraine trigger. Who would have thought whipped cream? So I did some googling and sure enough it could be a trigger. Not only that, it is a gas component of greenhouse effect . In fact, it's a bigger component than carbon dioxide ( according to Wikipedia). Which made me feel slightly triumphant since I tell anyone who will listen that there's a correlation between migraine and our worsening air quality and global warming.

In the meantime I took a triptan and felt a slight improvement enabling me to have these rambling thoughts and share them with you. Thanks for listening. I wish you all a pain free day and myself continued improvement from the triptan. By the way, no more whipped cream for me unless I whip it myself.

P.S. I just realized this is one big paragraph, which I guess it was rambling is all about.

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