Rare Migraines complicated by Barometric Changes in Weather induce other conditions

After finding out that I had brain lesions, a somewhat ruled out MS diagnoses, and a following battery of testings, the final diagnose of Vestibular Migraines with Aura was simply another piece of the puzzle of multi dimensional symptoms. Unfortunately, other co-morbid conditions either primary or secondary directly become effected, either increasing or decreasing in severity.

Once I started to connect that Weather and extreme Barometric changes were a contributing factor to all of my symptoms, having the Migraines with or without aura, vertigo, nausea, light, sound, sensitivity and speech, cognitive or executive functioning impairments became validated as well as making some sort of sense. However, there is not much we can do about the weather.

Learning to recognize what impacts my body, brain, and emotional symtomology was a long course in the irritating "process of elimination". First Ibs dictated the food triggers, allowing me to determine what food to eat or not eat. Second was the elimination of pyschotropic or other medications, a slow detoxification method that assisted in overall wellness pursuits of healing the body. Third and most importantly was finding the self regulatory and driven methods of what works in mastering my conditions, decreasing any snowball effects, and instead of them mastering me now there are a new set of tools to get through each occurrence.

Through mindfulness, meditation, music therapy, talk therapy, art therapy, and other enjoyable things, "maintaining a balanced life against an elusive set of symptoms" have been much better manageable. The only downfall to having these sort of migraines, which at times are debilitating is the fact that others cannot see them with their physical eyes. Not being aware of the impact of migraine or headache disorders, leaves the sufferers with a huge hole in their being. It is important that we all realize that we are not our conditions. Our conditions though very invasive, do not have to determine who we are, or how we choose to live. Our so called disabilities do not set in stone our incapabilities, for we are very able.

What these conditions do actually do, is steal away a quality of life, they sometimes cause us to have to explain or justify ourselves to others. At times we can undermine ourselves by giving power to the conditions, to the stigma's and to the all encompassing statements of "you look good, you look so well, you don't appear sick". Learning how to deal with migraines, is a tireless and continuing path where getting to know the triggers, responses, and outcomes tends to be an inward purpose for us all that manifests outwardly in everyday living.

Keep records of your symptoms, duration of, and add to this the Weather Conditions and Barometric Pressure Changes. These do contribute to migraines and impact functioning levels. Try this for a month...then when you see the patterns evolve you will then have a eureka moment and be able to fit in some puzzle pieces to the enigma of being a migraine, headache or other neurological based suffering individual.

Dont give up, dont give in to your conditions but do make every attempt possible to understand how they effect you.

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