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Migraine Recovery

I have been a migraine patient since the past 4 years.
Pain intensity ranging from medium to chronic. Used medication for 8-9 months.
Occasional attacks due to weather change, obnoxious smell, stress levels etc
The diagnosis took about a year. The main reason for having chronic headaches/attacks was stress as told by my Doctor. And i wasn't allowed to eat/drink Coffee,Cheese,Chinese,Ice creams etc.

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The intensity of headaches subsided with medication
But I was diagnosed with PCOS.
Currently undergoing treatment for the same
And as told my the gynecologist my migraine was as a result of hormonal imbalance
Well migraine took a heavy toll on my life.
Whenever i used to eat the above mentioned stuff, i used to get a bad attack lasting minimum for 8-10 hours
Followed by pain in the right shoulder and weakness
So all these years i never dared to eat them
However in the past few days I've been eating them and it did no harm to me. Well i think that with time and medication (of pcos) I've recovered.
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