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Migraine Recovery

I have been a migraine patient since the past 4 years.
Pain intensity ranging from medium to chronic. Used medication for 8-9 months.
Occasional attacks due to weather change, obnoxious smell, stress levels etc
The diagnosis took about a year. The main reason for having chronic headaches/attacks was stress as told by my Doctor. And i wasn’t allowed to eat/drink Coffee,Cheese,Chinese,Ice creams etc.

The intensity of headaches subsided with medication
But I was diagnosed with PCOS.
Currently undergoing treatment for the same
And as told my the gynecologist my migraine was as a result of hormonal imbalance
Well migraine took a heavy toll on my life.
Whenever i used to eat the above mentioned stuff, i used to get a bad attack lasting minimum for 8-10 hours
Followed by pain in the right shoulder and weakness
So all these years i never dared to eat them
However in the past few days I’ve been eating them and it did no harm to me. Well i think that with time and medication (of pcos) I’ve recovered.
Expert opinions welcome

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    The Recovered Girl,
    So glad you found out the hormonal imbalance was contributing to your Migraines!

    I believe that people who are pre-disposed to Migraines, have many triggers. It’s not just one thing that triggers an attack, but the culmination of triggers that build up in your system. Therefore, now that you’ve gotten the hormones in balance, the other triggers you previously had may not be as severe. Could be that if you forgot to take your hormone meds and then ate chinese and ice cream in the same day- you’d undoubtedly get a Migraine. But with the new meds, you are able to tolerate those things better.

    I hope this makes sense. And although you’re not getting immediate Migraines from these foods now, I wouldl be careful about eating all of these things at the same time because a build-up of triggers could cause one eventually.

    I wish you the best!

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