I have had some relief with diet still working on it!!

I had my first migraine around the age of 8. I had them quite frequently and finally went to the dr. This wonderful (NOT!) pediatrician told me that I am faking that am a good "actress" maybe I was hot in school should wear short sleaves shirts? Really??

So I went through my teens and 20's trying to fake it trying to not let people know that I had oh 3-4 headaches a week my issue is the days leading up to the migraine and the days after they were sometimes worse than the headace themselves the tiredness the feeling of not being able to think quite right being in a daze being clumbsy now I have read that this is somethimes known as an A typical migraine and that some of those days may have not been pain but my brain reacting in a way to almost like a a pain free migraine and I could not function well at all. So I was known as the clumbsy girl the ditz.

I never went to the doctor until I was in my 30's for a migraine because I never thought anyone would believe me. Fast forward to many drs many pills many reactions. I have had botox with some relief. I am trying to get off topamax it is negativly impacting me, these drs they just give you meds and they do not look at the whole picture, foods and triggers.

I discovered that MSG, Nirates, and citrus are my triggers. I have become a new person by eliminating these things. It is hard very hard but why can't DR's ask why can't they try this before they put you on all these mind altering drugs? I have a blog that helps get through all the food issues its MigraineMama.weebly.com because let me tell you the whole MSG thing is very very hard!

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