Return of the Migraine


I am very glad to have found this group and wanted to submit my story.

For me my story is a bit of a sad one in that I have been migraine free and they have sadly returned after a very long time.

At the age of 16 I started to get a lot of migraine headaches and at the time it was put down to the stress of exams at school. My mum found out about Feverfew and I started to take them, continuing for several years. By the time I started working at 18 I cant remember having had any days off work with Migraine, so I guess they must have stopped or not been so bad by then.

Fast forward 22 years and I get to the ripe old age of 40. Its June this year and I am about to give up a job I have done for 12 years. During my last couple of weeks I got hit at work by what appeared to be a Migraine (visual disturbance, severe upset stomach, headache and looking so pale even my plumber noticed I was ill). I put it down to an illness or one off but sadly since I have had another 3 full visual disturbance Migraines and a few will lesser symptoms.

I for one thought giving up a stressful job etc would improve my health but sadly the complete opposite was happened and I am gutted to be suffering something I havent had in so long. My confidence about driving etc has even been shaken as I am worried about going anywhere and getting stuck not able to see.

Its really nice to read others stories and I am at the moment trying to decide if I need to start back on something like Feverfew etc or hoping like mad that they stop as quickly as they started up again.

I would like to wish you all my best and thank you for reading.

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