Run Down, Depressed and Just Plain Tired

Sorry this is such a negative post. I’m just not having a good outlook on life at the moment. I know most of us have been here. Starters this past few months my migraines have been unbearable. The other day I could not stop throwing up at work until I couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough and asked my boss if I could go home. I feel like even after throwing up on myself she thought I was making it seem worse then it was. And boy do I wish that was the case. I honestly hate my job and my boss. She seems to enjoy belittling us and her day isn’t made unless she has snapped and made one of us feel like total crud. I know this isn’t helping my migraines at all, but as I’m sure a lot of you do I feel like I’m stuck at this job seeing as I have bills that aren’t going to pay themselves.

I honestly dread going and hate that I am walking on egg shells all day waiting to get yelled at. I’m just so tired of it. I’m tired of feeling ashamed when I have to call in because I literally can’t get out of bed, I would love to ask if I could go down to part time because I really know that might help and allow me to not feel so guilty for missing so many days. But I know the answer would just be no and they need someone full time or not at all. I live in a small town and don’t have many options for work. I just mentally feel done and I don’t know how long I can stand working here. Instead of focusing on feeling better I stress about a job I hate and a boss I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I wish I could do something from home, if anyone has advice or ideas for me I would love to hear from you. Thanks for listening

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