Saving all my sick days for Migraines

Today, I have a terrible cold. A well-meaning co-worker suggested that I go home, and while I would love to, I have to save my sick days. Why? Because I never know when I'm going to be blindsided by a killer migraine - one that takes my eyesight, makes me vomit in the bathroom stall and makes me fatigued enough to nap under my desk (did that at my last job). I don't get to have a normal sick life, because I'm living with a chronic condition that's more painful, exhaustion-making and vomit generating than any cold or flu.

While my migraines have gotten better - down from more than 15 a month to about 8 to 9 a month with Botox, the latest heatwave in Los Angeles gave me a four day bout of migraines.

I look forward to a time when I can stay home sick and not have it be about a migraine. This cold's child's play compared to a migraine - I can make it.

How about you? Do you save your sick days for migraines?

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