Scary Day, Yesterday!

I've never had a migraine in my life. I'm 35, and I have Epilepsy. I am seizure free. I have 2 young kids, who were out with their dad, when this all happened.
But, the day prior, I was in bed all day, with a bad headache. Yesterday- I was still in bed. Watching tv. All of a sudden, I sneezed....the pain, at that moment....was worse than giving birth!
I had felt like my head had exploded! But, the pain was still there. So, I called my husband, and told him to,get home, NOW!! I need to go to the ER!
Then, I started vomiting. So, I called 911, my self. My head....all over, felt like the worst pain, I've NEVER FELT!
The EMT came, asked me some questions and I went with them. Took a ride to the local hospital. Vomiting in the ambulance.
Got to the hospital, and let the doctor know my grandmother had a brain hemorrhage, and I was worried it could be that. So, they gave me iv, with Fentinol, which, I've never had, Morfine, also never had. But, they weren't making my head pain go away. They just gave me more.
Then, a CT Scan. Then, a Spinal Tap, to make sure no white blood cells had brown staining, showing brain hemorrhage. All clear. I was told It was most likely a migraine. 3am, I went home, the headache is better, not gone, today. Been in bed, all day. Going to call my neurologist, tomorrow. The worst pain. No aura....I don't know what triggers it.

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