Scent-Free Zone Sign?

Does anyone else need to live in a scent-free environment? Any type of scented product triggers my migraines immediately. I have both chronic migraine and hemicrania continua. Scent has become a struggle for me. I've had to stop working, now live upstairs in my mother's home, & am disabled. This scent issue has divided my family & I'm now estranged from some of my siblings because their spouses refuse to believe I'm ill and refuse to stop wearing hair spray around me.

My mother doesn't have it in her to not allow people in the house who are wearing scented products. Letters from my neurologist stating my need to be in a clean environment hasn't helped. So I'm looking for an official sign to hang on our front door (I could make one but it would be ignored by these difficult people I'm dealing with). I've searched online and can't find anything available to purchase. When I google on images I find several. The best being a blue triangle one from the lung association. But it would be best to have one from a headache/migraine affiliation. I've been searching & calling and no such luck. Can anyone out there recommend one?

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