I'm So Lucky


My migraine headaches began when I was 23. My 3 children were all in school, and I had been polishing a ton of my moms silverplate for about 2 hours. The fumes were almost overwhelming. Suddenly, I couldn't see anything well. I thought, maybe I'm having a stroke, so I went outside and sat on the front steps. (Figured if I died, someone would walk by and see me.) OMG, we think so strangely when we're young. Well, I didn't die, but the next day it happened again, and I thought maybe I just need glasses. I made an appt. and went to the optometrist the next day. When I told him what happened, he just laughed, and diagnosed me with scintillating scotoma from a migraine headache. I told him I haven't felt any headaches. He said I was just lucky!! I've actually learned to enjoy the light show, lay down, close my eyes. (it's prettier and more colorful with my eyes closed).

It starts in the center with a tiny circle of jagged lights and the circle gets bigger, clearing the center of my vision, until it disappears into my perifrial vision. I've paid attention, and do feel the pain, but only if I cough, sneeze or strain. Then I know which side the headache is on. (that changes too, sometimes left, sometimes right). The vision has been inconvient at times. I'll pull over if I'm driving, stop reading, or I'd take a quick break if I was passing out meds at work. (I'm an RN) I've never had any kind of headache that I can remember. They must be terrible for some of you. I'm almost 70 now, never tried any medication, and have learned to live with what I'd call a minor inconvienence. I have a friend that lives a few blocks away, and we seem to get them the same day. (not frequently, maybe every couple of months) But sometimes it's 3 or 4 in the same week. I always blamed my migraines on the silver polish, but now I'm thinking it may be the weather changing since my friend has them at the same times. Good luck to all of you who suffer with the pain. I hope someone can find a simple cure to make your life more enjoyable.


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