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I would like to share my story hopefully someone can give me some advice, i am new to these migraines (treatment).

For 12 years i have had Lupus, RA, Sjorgrens syndrome. If that wasn't enough to deal with living in chronic pain, 4 years ago I could not empty my bladder my pcp had a foley catheter put in. Went to an urologist and in january 0f 2011 had a suprapubic catheter put in . I now have another problem with a neurogenic bladder. Have been to vanderbilt 2 times which say there is nothing they can do,i have alot of neurological problems and my doctors all think i have ms.

They say there is 5% of the people with MS that it doesn't show up on MRI's of the brain or spinal fluid. Then all of a sudden I start getting these horrible pain in my head after days and days of continuous headaches trying muscle relaxers and everything in between my doctor says you have migraines!

He put me on maxalt it sometimes helps but sometimes it doesn,t, even after the second dose. Is there something better out there for me? All advice greatly appericated!!! Sometimes it hurts so bad i can't even lay my head on the pillow. God bless

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