My All-Too-Sensitive Nose

migraine_stories1107By far, the biggest (and one of the least controllable) triggers for my migraines is fragrance. Lotion, deodorant, hair products, soap, perfume, air freshener, laundry products, cosmetics, essential oils, pet products, incense, scented candles, household cleaners…you name it. And it's not just what my family and I use…it's what other people use.

This fact severely limits my travel (no hotels), my ability to go to restaurants, gyms, classes, social activities, stores I can shop in, public transportation…it's easy to use your imagination. It even affects me when hiking…I have to go on lesser-used trails because people passing by me generally have some sort of fragrance on their person and/or animal companion. I hold my breath, and then breathe shallowly until I am past their scented "wake."

All of these situations are olfactory bombs exploding in my migraine brain.

So I'm wondering…has anyone had any luck lessening their sense of smell? I always carry face masks with me, but especially if I'm trying to eat or drink (as well as be heard and understood when talking), these are problematic. I'd especially like to know if any wholistic/naturopathic approaches have worked.

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