Short Term Disability Denied

Back in March I had my first migraine with aura which included stroke-like symptoms on my right side (which is the side my headaches are on), tingling in my face & hands, inability to focus & process & speak clearly. This progressed to chronic migraines for several months with up to 19 in a 4 week period. I had an mri & eeg, saw a neurologist, had a neuropsych exam, which came back with no problems, tried 2 different preventatives but had to quit due to the severe side effects.

Even when I didn't have a migraine I was having severe cognitive issues, so bad that in July I was asked by my employer to go on short term disability until I could figure out what was going on. I did that & short term disability paid for 2 weeks until I had the results back from my neuropsych exam. When I went to the neurologist Sept 5, she wanted me off for another 4 weeks as I had had 16 migraines in the previous 4 weeks (I kept a diary & have the day to day symptoms, severity, etc.) I went back to work on Oct 6 & gave my notice that day as I was still struggling cognitively & didn't feel I could do the accounting work I was doing. I did find another job with less hours (25 down from 40) & no accounting work. I am doing more of a data entry work now. I am appealing the decision. I contacted my previous employer to ask them to put together a letter stating the problems I was having when I was at work with a migraine as well as what was going on even when I didn't have one. I have also contacted my neurologist to have her put together something stating why she felt I needed to be off another 4 weeks. I have found information online about migraine brain & the associated issues that I am going to send as well, but does any one have any advice as to what else to send them. When I went back to work, I had 11 migraines the previous 4 weeks & they have since returned to my more "normal" menstrual migraine. I don't know what caused the sudden change in my migraines or the return to my more normal schedule, but I don't feel that what I am asking from them is unreasonable.

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