Migraines Showed Up Suddenly

I never had a migraine until I was 33. But one day they just showed up. They were bad, 1 - 3 day migraines out of the blue, with all the coinciding "fun stuff". I met the porcelain god several times. Bright lights and loud noises became the enemy. I did the elimination diet, kept a food journal, etc., but the doctors (that's plural) didn't know what made them show up. One doctor finally gave me a prescription for them - it helped but didn't make a migraine go completely away.

Then one day my chiropractor took x-rays of my neck. Voila! He found bone spurs on the vertebra in my neck pushing against the nerves. Well, now we have cause. Fast forward two decades. The bone spurs points have grown past the nerves so only the sides push against them. My migraines are not as intense and I have learned when one is coming on and when to take my meds. I no longer have them so badly (hope I didn't just jinx it by saying that!) BUT, the bone spurs were caused by rheumatoid arthritis so I have more to deal with than just migraines now. Sigh.

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