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Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Hi, I am 50 and have acute chronic migraine with aura. My migraines did not begin until later in life at the age of 30 when I had infertility treatments. That was 1995, I worked full time until 2001 when I was dismissed for missing too much work. I tried to work part time for two years after that but finally ended up on Disability. I have seen numerous doctors including Neurologist, Pain Specialists and have been and in patient at two Pain Clinics, (twice at one of them). In all this time, I've discovered that I have bad reactions to numerous medications. My bad reactions range from itching all the way to Congestive Heart Failure. I've had two MI's because of medications reactions. Unfortunately, DHE and triptan's top my list of no-no's, they caused the heart events. Going to the ER is a nightmare because they do not believe I could possibly unable to take so many medications and I appear to be drug seeking. I've been receiving botox injections for a year and had seen improvement, but have gone from bad to worse in the last three months. Tramadol is my rescue drug. I live in Ohio where pain medications are so difficult to have prescribed, you more less have to be dying to get them or I have yet to find the right doctor. My newest adventure in pain relief is seeing a chiropractor that specializes in head and neck pain. I saw a chiropractor years ago and my pain didn't get better and quite honestly I could not afford to see him anymore. If my insurance does not pay for this chiropractor, I am back to square one searching for a pain clinic that prescribes pain medications and will accept me as a patient. At this point my only complete pain relief comes from morphine, fentanyl and some time deluded. My pain level sits at a five on a daily basis and barometric pressure is my arch nemesis. When it drops, so do I. My dream is to move to Arizona, but I can only dream about it as my fiancé, daughter, granddaughter and mom are here and they are my support system when I am down, which is a lot. My greatest fear is uncontrollable severe pain. I do not fear death at all, when I went into CHF, I was calm, it was quiet and I had no feeling whatsoever. It was a piece of heaven, I look forward too, sometimes a little too much. Pain makes us think things we would never consider in our right painless minds. I feel like I've been through it all, though there are a few new things I want to try. If you have questions about me or my story or treatments, I would be more than happy to share with you. I have been on for a couple years, but am just now sharing my personal story. Thank you for reading it.

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