Simple help for Migraines

Every neurologist I've consulted has had migraines. I can tell when they have headaches because their office lights are turned off.

It makes them sympathetic to suffers of migraine and they look at all the most current material on the subject in hope of relief.

My favorite Neurologist closed his practice and moved away (his family never bonded with where his practice was) But he gave me the best simple help for functioning with migraines....

Red lensed glasses.

He said that studies were being done, but no one knew how they worked, just that it worked.

Obviously, none of these people knew a quilter. When you want to look at value, not color, you hold up a red lens to look at your fabrics. Everything you see is now in shades of grey. That's just what the red lenses do. They calm down all of those bright lights that are so much worse when you have a headache. You eliminate the visual input to your brain, and it does shorten migraines for me. I can actually function through a migraine now.

Larger and wrap around lenses that cover your eye completely and don't let any light in are best, but look for what you can find. has red glasses for sale in their online store. I'm not affiliated with this site, other than shopping there occasionally.

WARNING: Do NOT drive wearing these glasses!!!! You can't see stoplights.

I'm sharing this information in the hope that some of you can get some of the relief I get with these babies. I never go anywhere without them in my purse.

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