Migrane...part 1

I am having migraine from the age 10 . I used to face a lotta of difficulties at the initial schooling years and every one used to see me as a sick mostly vomiting, skipping classes saying headaches...I would have consulted nearly 40 doctors till now some of 'me have given a 650 mg dosage for 6 hour period. I had problem with light (some times color / intensity ), improper timings in having food, sometimes sound,smell.

Through with many years of suffering I have stopped taking medicines 4 years ago . I started to take breathing exercises in the morning which will help you in controlling a bit .you will definitely know your own likes n dislikes ...don't try something new in terms of food unless you are damn sure of it . Have the food at regular timings daily or make it a habit . Don't miss the breakfast . If you are having problems with the light, there is a method in yoga where you had to face the sun n does breathing exercise ...practice it ...never go for some perfumes make sure even if you are changing you are good to go . Make a definite pattern or a way of life it will help you in controlling the occurrence of migrane upto an extend .hope you guys find it useful.

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