Migraine Since I Can Remember

I have had migraines since I can remember, at eight years old, seventy years. They are Chronic Migraines, and I had one stroke with a hemiplegic migraine when I was 45. The migraines can last up to 15 days or even a month at times. I have researched them for years, but as of yet there does not seem to be a cure. I take one day at a time, try to keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE daily and have a lot of faith.

The migraines are indeed debilitating and interfere with one’s life. They certainly cause depression, loss of work, and interfere with family life at times. I find that some people just cannot understand what we migraineurs go through and offer their own advice — “do or take this or that!” or “Get up, go for a walk or a drive, etc.” I cannot drive when I have a migraine as my concentration becomes affected; I might turn left instead of right, The list is almost endless. For me, I have to go to bed in a dark room, use ice packs, and avoid noise if possible, and take my meds!

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