Single Mom with Migraines

My name is Amanda. I am a single 35 year old mother of two, grandmother of one. I have always been a mother and father to my 18 year old daughter. Thankfully, my 3 year old son's father is a huge part of his life. I have had migraines for a very long time. They probably started when I was a teenager, maybe before.

The past few years have been rough. They have gotten more severe and I have missed a lot of work because of them. Of course, I HAVE to work because I am a single mother. I have a mortgage and car note like everyone else. I am excited to have found a group that know how I feel and what I go through when I have a migraine.

A majority of those in my life do not understand at all. I have no one to turn to for support. Some of my friends tell me to get over it. How do you "get over" a migraine??? I have also battled depression because of having migraines, missing work and activities, and having a decrease in my paycheck because of time missed. Also I have not had health insurance for years. When I go to the doctor, or my neurologist, I have to pay cash. I also have to pay cash for my medications, some of which I cannot get because I cannot afford them. I am reaching out to this group for help!

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