My Son's Turn...

I've been getting migraines since I was 13.
I'm now a chronic daily sufferer.
This past weekend my 14 year old son experienced his first real migraine.
He's had small ones in the past that have went away in a few hours, but this one lasted for 4 days.
It started on Saturday afternoon and lasted through Tuesday.
He spent the weekend with his stepdad and slept on and off taking ibuprofen when he was awake.
He went to school on Monday and managed through, texting me at lunch telling me he wouldn't be able to make it to his bowling practice that afternoon.
When he arrived home, he was in tears, ran to his room and laid in bed in a fetal position with the covers over his head crying.

I let his team know he wouldn't make it and took him to the ER, as his doctor was already closed.
I figured they would listed to me, knowing there's a family history of migraines and my file alone is like a Stephen King novel there and they'd give him the usual shots for a migraine and we'd be on our way, MAYBE a CT Scan to be on the safe side...
No... We were in the ER 8 hours... A CT Scan, Chest X-Ray, Breathing Treatment (for a cough he got due to dry throat from not drinking in 8 hours), and a Spinal Tap to check for meningitis since he's a teen and at the right age for catching it.
They also gave him 2 doses of morphine. :/
After ALL of that and several vomiting fits, his head was still killing him and all tests came back negative, they sent us home with several prescriptions, one being for Percocet, which I didn't fill...
I'm just so upset they didn't listen to me as a mom that he had a migraine and he went home in as much pain as what he started, if not more b/c his back was hurting now too w/ the Spinal Tap.
Very upset these doctors don't listen more to parents.
Some of us know what's going on with our kids.

I'm hoping this doesn't become a reoccurring thing for him.
Because as I said before I'm a daily sufferer and I take 400mg of Topamax and I don't want him to have to go through this everyday of his life.
He's a gifted student and doesn't deserve this.

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