SOY, anyone?

I've had migraines at least since I was a senior in high school. That was long ago. I worked with them, when they weren't as severe as now. Most days I could get by with some Tylenol. However, they became very severe and I consulted a neurologist. I've been taking some preventatives and some pain meds, but the migraines progressed to daily chronic migraine.

I have sensitivity and allergy to many drugs, so my choices are limited. The last one suggested COULD have some severe side effects, which would really cause me a lot of problems with some of my other illnesses, and I decided to wait. I consulted with some others in my family who suffer with this.

We have a huge family history of this illness. It turns out that 3 of my close relatives are extremely sensitive to SOY. So, I am in the process of eliminating soy from my diet. Today I had less of it that most days and I had no headache until late tonight, at which time, the soy in bread and a couple of other things had time to build up. However, I will be eliminating more and more products that contain soy and substituting them with ones that have no soy. Hopefully, this is going to help a lot. If not, I will eliminate some other things, and I can always try the other drug if nothing works.

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