She awakens to the familiar site of static. Some days are easier to tune into than others, and she knows this one will not be easy. Her ears buzz with the with the sounds of life carrying on at too high a frequency. The pain starts at the base of her skull, and makes it's way out through her body, like a vine. It makes her stomach lurch and her palms sweat. She places her head in her hands and tries hard to find her center; but a place without the static will not come. She resorts to pressing hard against, then slapping her head, as if she were a broken piece of technology. Momentary Relief! Like a flicker on the radio, and then pain circles in again, taking it's hostage.

She retreats to her bed; her prison; her palace. It is the only place she is safe while the world spins just outside it's bounds. Guilt floods her body and mind as she surrenders, another day lost, another commitment she failed to meet. She swallows it with a glass of water and her medication and waits for the static to reside.

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