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I started getting migraines 6 months after my fourth child was born. I was always prone to headaches and probably experienced a few migraines during the years I had my other children. In 8 years I have not had more than 3 weeks of no migraines. I've always believed in natural healing and therefore tried herbals acupuncture, homeopathy,massage, and chiropractic.

I soon realized that I needed something "serious". I have been taking relpax for a about 10 years as an abortive. I have been on Topamax, propranolol, neurontin, atenolol, amytriptalin. At the lowest dosages, I could not tolerate the side effects. They also never worked beyond a couple months. Increasing doses just made me feel either anxious, dizzy, depressed, you name it.

I'm off everything but my trusty relpax. I take courses of dexamethasone when I need it. When I feel good, not a day goes by when I don't feel thankful. I fully engage in life and am aware of my blessings. When I'm in bed in excruciating pain, vomiting and crying, I feel hopeless and afraid. As a super sensitive and self aware woman, I know to take care of myself, mind and body. I do. But as a super sensitive person who feels deeply, my pain is easily triggered.

I am so careful to live a trigger free life, a healthy life. I don't know if and when I will ever to be able to put the thoughts of migraine in the background of my mind. I am more than my migraines. I am a wife, a mother, sister, daughter, friend and therapist. I'd like to fully live without being defined as a migraneaur. My next goal is to try to find a way to pay for Botox. Then I can say I've tried it all. Here's to finding freedom!

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